Maglione is anticipating the best World Championships of all times

Budapest 2017.07.14. 16:38

The 17th FINA World Championships hosted by Hungary could be the best tournament of all times- said Dr. Julio C. Maglione, the President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) at the usual opening press conference held in Duna Arena on Friday. The conference attended by members of the press featured Cornel Mărculescu FINA Executive Director, Tamás Gyárfás FINA Vice-President and Éva Szántó Executive Director at Bp2017 LLC.

In his opening speech Julio C. Maglione praised the accomplishments of organisers and claimed that the newly built Duna Arena is one of the most amazing swimming complexes in the world. He believes that thanks to the unique features of the complex as well as the excellent work done by organisers this could be the best World Championships of all times. The President of FINA expressed his gratitude for Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in particular, for the warm hospitality and for the hard work done by the organising committee. Finally, he added that he was sure those following the broadcasts on the five continents will most definitely enjoy the World Championships promising to be remarkable.

Cornel Mărculescu, Executive Director of FINA started off his welcome speech by emphasising the significance of the World Championships. The gigantic event featuring tournaments in six disciplines, within one of the key international sporting events, which are also demonstrated by high viewing figures, The World Championships hosted by Barcelona in 2013 were followed by 5 billion; two years later 6.8 billion viewers worldwide showing an increasing interest in the disciplines followed the event in Kazan.


Water disciplines debuted in the digital platform at the Rio Olympics, while FINA TV launched at the World Championships in Budapest proves that FINA considers it highly important to promote the event visually by the means of modern technology. Mărculescu referred to Duna Arena as one of the best swimming complexes in the world and continued to emphasise the natural beauty of Balatonfüred and the City Park.

Éva Szántó, Executive Director at Bp2017 LLC, the company in charge of organising the World Championships welcomed officials and members of the press on behalf of Hungary. She expressed her thanks to FINA and the Government of Hungary for their support and highlighted that this efficient cooperation allowed for organising the event successfully.

Following the speeches in response to questions by journalists the President of FINA added that the amazing facilities established for the World Championships will in the long run serve the interests of swimming in Hungary and of future generations.

17th FINA World Championships held in Budapest and Balatonfüred from July 14-30, 2017, is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, in terms of participation and global exposure.

The 2017 FINA World Championships was the largest sporting showcase Hungary has ever hosted. Lining up almost 3,000 athletes in six different disciplines, competing in 75 contests over a period of 17 days, the FINA Championships imposed a huge challenge on its organisers, since the preparation period was curtailed to four years and Hungary make it in two years.

FINA Communication Department

The 17th edition of the FINA World Championships concludes on, July 31, in Budapest (HUN), which has played host to the biggest sporting event ever hosted in the country for the past 17 days.

FINA and the Budapest 2017 Organising Committee addressed the media representatives at the closing press conference, held at the Duna Arena, before the final swimming session of the week.

“Our National Federations, our athletes, coaches and officials, lived an intense experience during these two weeks. They found outstanding venues in superb locations; they were supported by immense crowds; they produced wonderful performances; and they could enjoy the hospitality and kindness of the Magyar people.” – said the newly re-elected FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione.

“Everything was perfect and we all felt at home here in Hungary!” he continued.

“I am sure that these impressions will be followed by amazing figures in terms of worldwide TV viewership and digital exposure of these Championships. The 17th FINA World Championships definitively improved the strength of Aquatics in the five continents and confirmed this event as one of the most prestigious and successful ones in the world of Sport.”


After thanking the different stakeholders and the Hungarian authorities, the President let FINA Executive Director Cornel Mărculescu express his gratitude and positive vision of the two-week Aquatic festival.

“These were fantastic Championships. Everybody is happy. We are here to serve the athletes and the work of the Organising Committee has been fantastic. “ – emphasised Mărculescu.

“Balatonfüred was a fantastic venue. The set up was great. I like to compare it to the sea of Hungary. The castle at the back of the synchronised swimming venue, in Városliget Park, pleased all the broadcasters that were able to catch incredible images of the competition. And finally, the water polo venue, already well-know, didn’t disappoint.”

Tamás Gyárfás, FINA Executive Member and Co-Chairman of the Organising Committee added a short but sincere comment: “It was a great honour for me to take part in this event, thank you all.


“The last 17 days were a true celebration of Aquatic sports and paid respect to what we have been able to achieve together with FINA. Working hand in hand with FINA was key in the success of this event and the tree planted by Mr. Mărculescu is a symbol of this collaboration”, concluded Budapest 2017 Organising Committee Chairman Miklós Seszták.


“I sincerely thank the effort of FINA and the Organising Committee but also the volunteers, whose help has been greatly appreciated.”

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