Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians participated at the 7th Peace March in support of the government side on the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1848

Budapest, 2018 March 17

Hungary’s national holiday on March 15 has been the symbol of freedom and independence for centuries.

The anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849 carried special meaning under communism and to this day celebrates freedom and the value of national sovereignty.

Beginning with a flag-raising ceremony, with military honours on Kossuth tér in front of the National Assembly, a series of commemorative events took place across the country in honour of the national holiday.

The NGO Civic Solidarity Forum Foundation (CÖF) held a new, the 7th ‘Peace March’ (Békemenet) in support of the government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán side. Leaders of the Civic Solidarity Forum Foundation said that the ruling Fidesz party was supporting Thursday’s march to parliament, where Orbán spoke on a holiday commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.
One of the organizers András Bencsik said that the march in Budapest meant to provide “an impulse” for a successful election.

The all time largest Peace March in support of the Orbán’s government and its politics, went peacefully.

Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians defied the rainy weather and participated in the more than 2 km long Peace March / Békemenet / from the Bem square to the Kossuth Square at the Hungarian Parliament, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spokes.

The splintered opposition held their meeting in different places, and they have gathered only thousands of participants.

The pictures below express more than a thousand words.

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The afternoon’s celebration kicked off at 2 p.m. on Kossuth tér, where the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech outside the Parliament Building in Kossuth tér Budapest, at the public commemoration marking the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

He said, “This is our homeland, this is our life, and we have no other. Therefore we shall fight for it to the end and we shall never surrender”.

The Prime Minister addressed even young people. In his view, young people may now believe that the whole world is theirs, and that they can “take on all comers”. They are right, he said, for “a lack of ambition is the definition of mediocrity. And life is good for nothing if you do not do something with it”.

However, he continued, “there will come a moment when you realize that one needs a place, a language, a home where one is among one’s own, and where one can live one’s life in safety, surrounded by the goodwill of others. A place where one can return to, and where one can feel that there is a point to life, and that in the end it will not just slide into oblivion. By contrast, it adds to and becomes a part of the majestic thousand-year-old creation which we simply call our homeland: the Hungarian homeland.”

Read the Prime Minister speech here:

The Prime Minister speech in Hungarian language:

The international media is of course not so interested to write about such a massive support Prime Minister Viktor Orbán still have. That media in spite of everything wrote about it, were once again were more interested to give a non-objective touch of their reports and wrote almost solely about fragments of Orbán’s speech.

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